Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Here are some of my friends in KL. Hanis, the lady in the front on a wheelchair and Sofie the girl behind her run a small hostel in KL. The tall blonde far left is Tilo, he is a partner in the hostel, and helped with Innocence lost in the ice cream forest. The girl in front of him is his new wife Curtney. Siti, front beside Hanis is the working help. A lovely hard working girl.
These are the people I choose to visit when I stay in KL.
I enjoy their company.
Yesterday, I got an email from Ginny in Detroit. Ginny and Herbie are the people I stay with when I'm in Detroit. Sadly, Molly their dog died yesterday, and more importantly Herbie spent the night in A&E. Happily he is now home recovering from a severe bladder infection.
Herbie and Ginny made sure I had a roof over my head when I needed one.
Lovely people.
I have good friends. I am lucky. I wish them well.

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