Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Charity book.The paperback version of Innocence lost in the ice cream forest hits German streets! MUM its not just about the money, I want the project to succeed.

The Author, Illustrator and book in Borna Town Square, Germany.

This weekend I visited Claus Werner. Claus is the illustrator of Innocence lost in the ice cream forest.We had our picture taken in Borna.
The book is now available in paperback on Amazon and Createspace.
For the story behind the story go to:

I have been invited to go on a radio show. The channel is available in America. 11pm-1am GMT Thursday.
I will promote the book.

I wrote to the top brass at Proton last week. If they are looking for someone with a plan, I would be happy to take a leadership role.
As yet NO REPLY.

I worked in Malaysia for Lotus. Socially, I have not kept in touch. We are not personal friends. One or two are probably the opposite. Lots of corporate self interest.
This is not about going back to Malaysia and working with my mates.
It is about unfinished business. Corporate business. Nothing more.
When I look at MUM I see potential. It is my aim to realise that potential. When I am satisfied it is on track and going forward, I will happily walk away.

I don't require Western CEO wages. A generous package would obviously be fair and much appreciated.

At the end of the day, I have been promoting this project at my own personal expense for years, so obviously it is not just about the money.

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