Monday, July 30, 2012

Lotus plan must be successful. New Management will hopefully see what I can see.

Well, its birthday time for me in a week or so. Fifty seven years and counting! I'm older than Lotus car company.
I am happy and healthy, and looking forward to the future!
Group Lotus on the other hand are in turmoil.

I read in today's New Zealand Herald

Lotus position looks uncomfortable

The syndicate lent the money to Lotus on the basis of a back-to-back guarantee with Proton, which is said to have cash of around 255.2 million pounds.
Indeed, it is this guarantee that worries some insiders who are concerned Lotus could have a domino effect on DRB because of its debts.
"That is why Lotus is such a big problem for them," said one source. "They have to get it right."
My proposal MUM will clearly work. They need to make it part of the overall plan.
DRB-Hicom own a private University ICAM, and have links with British Universities.
If they are looking for synergies between DRB-Hicom/Proton and Lotus look no further!
I have dealt with a series of Managers and CEO's in Lotus. None impressed me. Conversely, I probably didn't impress them.
I hope this changes in the near future.
For the sake of DRB-Hicom, Proton and Group Lotus. I hope so.


  1. Greetings John. Have u meet up with my dear friend, Datuk Kamil Jamil the DRB-Hicom chief?
    Perhaps I cud assist if required..
    My name is Azwer Sidol and contact no. 016-333 2266.

    1. Azwar I am in contact via email Datuk and his team.
      Feel free to tell him if you like my proposal.
      Many thanks John Mansfield