Friday, August 10, 2012

Birthday blog. Wish me luck.

Well today is my 57th birthday. The sun is shining, I've had my jog and stretch, read the newspapers and will shortly go off and eat far too much.
Life is grand!
As you know the Olympics is taking place up the road. Sadly, I like most people have been watching it on TV.
Attending an event live is unique, but watching it on the box in comfort isn't bad.
I remember my dad taking me to see Cassius Clay, as he was then box Our 'Enery in London. The atmosphere, and memories stay with me today.
Yesterday, Usian Bolt won his 200 metres race. People are comparing him to Ali, bigger than the sport.
Some people are a bit special.

I'm still trying to convince DRB-Hicom, and Group Lotus I am.

Wish me luck.

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