Saturday, August 25, 2012

A few unrelated thoughts.Nice guys come last!

I have been annoying the latest Management team at Group Lotus /DRB-Hicom / Proton with my proposal.

I sent them a link to my TV interview.

and a link to the SKY report on a Sports UNIVERSITY

Nothing new there! Come on Guys! Be nice. Invest in this project.

I see Dany Bahar's company car is for sale. Dany is suing DRB-Hicom for over £6.7 million for wrongful dismissal.

Proton gave him a 4 year contract just before DRB-Hicom bought them. Syed Zainal the Man responsible is no longer with proton.

Dany's settlement would be about $10 USA million.

Just goes to show how much top notch leaders get.

I remember when attending ASLI Auto conference 2009, a mystery high level recruiter sidled up to me at Proton's test track, and nattered on about his Red Bull/Ferrari client. How people don't mind paying for success.

I always remember Kevin, my boss at Lotus saying 'John, remember nice guys always come last!'

Kevin has now gone on to marry his new teenage bride, and heads up a prestigeous engineering consultancy.

Friendships in the Auto industry don't tend to run deep.

Pretending to be nice is important though.

As to whether I am nice, that is for others to judge.

My time will come. Of that I'm sure.

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