Tuesday, January 15, 2013

No new Models for Group Lotus? Why did the banks lend them all that money?

I have just been checking online for Lotus News. Paul Tan in Malaysia report that all the models shown by Lotus in Paris were in fact cancelled prior to them becoming the new owners. The bank loan to pay for the models had been spent, and the money is still owed to the banks!
Apparently, there will be a new model(s) in 2015/16.
What a mess.

Never mind. I assume the new model will use the Petronas designed engine. The Elise would be a good car for this product.
As Proton have now hired the Petronas Powertrain employees.
Meanwhile, together with the technologies, Proton has also acquired a
Petronas facility in Bangi and technological equipment from the national oil

"Two personnel From Petronas have joined us. Talks are being held with
Petronas to secure the remaining manpower of 60," he said. Bernama

Read more: Petronas engines to power Proton cars

 I suppose they could also help in development of the unfinished Lotus 8 cylinder engine.

The car side of Lotus has been a drain, while the Engineering side pays for itself.
Nothing new there.

I didn't buy the Sunday Times this week. I had relatives over from Ireland and was busy. However, the paper ran an article on Lotus.
I got the link via this article on Truth about Cars.
I assume they can't understand how so few employees can run up so much debt with no end product.

Supposedly, KPMG decided the 5 car plan was not viable. They? cancelled the the plan. DRB-Hicom just rubber stamped their decision.

Seriously, I think DRB-Hicom should give me a call! I'm not an accountant. I can get a lot of people to vouch for my character, both positive and negative... depending who you ask.
Honestly, I do have a modicum of common sense, and I'm not a Know all big mouth. And I do have the skeleton of a workable viable plan. Historically this would mean that Group Lotus will have no interest in executing it.

Historically, Group Lotus have been in permanent crisis. Lets seriously look at a different approach. I'm different. My plan is different. Maybe doing something different is what Lotus needs!!

Hopefully, DRB-Hicom and Proton/Lotus can see that my educational proposal would compliment what they have got, and be profitable.

I am hoping that some people on the inside of Lotus look at my proposal with fresh eyes.

I can't be the only one who sees the potential.

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