Monday, January 21, 2013

No new Lotus cars till 2015. Sounds good to me.

Just been reading some recent DRB-Hicom news. Property development seems to be high on their agenda...
How about buying the ex Honda Test Centre in California and developing it for a Motorsport University.

Lotus, Proton and Westfield (Potenza) all participate in Motorsports. They are all owned by DRB-Hicom. Get feedback from them on their wants and needs. Talk to your educational partners, DRB-Hicom own their own University, as do Petronas.
Develop the site.
Sell it to the New Uni on a rent to buy basis. Part of the deal could be for the University to use Hardware (cars etc) sourced mainly from the DRB-Hicom stable.
This would enable DRB-Hicom to offer the University reasonable terms on its rent to buy agreement.
Most of the initial property development could be done by DRB-Hicom. Hand over the design to a local architect to ensure it complies with USA/Californian regulations and away we go.
According to the Paul Tan article 2015 is when we can expect new products from Lotus.

He (Mohd Kamil DRB-Hicom CEO) also divulged that we can expect replacements for the Exige and Evora by 2015 or 2016, with a newly-developed platform and engine at the heart of things. No confirmation about whether the platform will be a carry-over or evolution of that from the Paris cars.

Lets target September 2015 as the opening date for the project. DRB-Hicom develops its first overseas project with a customer in place.
Might I suggest this Builder as a possible Californian partner.
Lets keep this as eco friendly as practicable, and disability friendly!
I just saw this picture. Simple and efficient.

Makes sense to me! Every cloud has a silver lining.
Did I mention that I have a USA passport and am available for this?

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