Saturday, January 12, 2013

Roads less travelled. California looks good.

I see that Battersea power station is being developed. Penthouses on the development cost £6 million pounds,
My dad worked as a welder on Battersea power station when it was being built.
Anyway, a lot of people are buying into the development as an investment. It may well pay off.

As you may know, I am promoting the former Honda proving ground as a campus. This costs $3 million.

This is about one third of the cost of a Penthouse in Battersea Power Station.

The California site would probably require some updates and additions. Student accommodation would have to built. Classrooms and labs added.

I'm not a developer. So say we spent £12 million total.Two penthouses in Battersea power station.
$18 million USA. $3 million for the site. $15 million for updates.

Lets say $20 Million USA total outlay.

You now have a customised Motorsport University. DRB-Hicom and Petronas can supply the hardware, Cars, lubricants, and technical support.

As a private University can I get the same ROI as two Battersea penthouses?



I think so. Don't you?
The site has all the required permissions for a Motor testing which I assume would cover anything we would need. The local town would welcome the extra business (I think) and it can be used as a Solar farm (permissions in place).
This isn't as obvious an investment opportunity as two Batterea penthouses. I would say it could be described as the road less travelled.
Despite this, I would say it is an opportunity not to be missed.

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