Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas wishes to my Malaysian friends and helpers!

I just got off a skype call with Sofie. (Pictured). She wished me a Merry Christmas.
Sofie is the owner of Red Palm hostel. She and Tilo (also pictured) along with Hanis, Siti and Kamal ran/run the Red Palm hostel in KL. My second home in Asia!

This time last year Tilo got married to Curtney. I attend the wedding in Leipzig.
It went off well.
pppTilo and Curtney had a reception in Red Palm also!
Siti and Hanis are in the front, Sofie just behind with Intan a friend, who has just been misdiagnosed with malignant cancer... She is still ill, but hopefully she will get better!

Tilo does graphics, he did the work below for me.


Jimmy from Malaysia popped over to the UK for Christmas last year.
This year he is in Italy!
All the best to all of them!
Happy Christmas


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