Wednesday, December 11, 2013

First the good news... Ladies first! Holden to close...

Mary Barra, a talented 'car gal' from GM's ranks, steps up to lead giant automaker

Today, I see GM appointed a woman, Mary Barra to the top post.
I don't know Mary. I wish her all the very best.
When I worked in the Opel tech centre, Ruesselsheim, they had one female executive (Rita Forst).
The car park had a ladies only area...
Things are changing. A good thing.

Holden to stop making cars in Australia

When I worked in GM Germany, I met a few Holden engineers. We used to meet in Wiesbaden on weekends. They were friendly and welcoming. So I was a little sad to see they may be laid off.

GM ships (Daewoo) Chevrolet vehicles to Australia, and some Opel's. So I expect these two GM subsidiaries will suppy all GM vehicles in the future.

Obviously, this will adversely affect Holden Design as well as manufacturing.

I, in the meantime am keeping fit and waiting patiently for my project to take off...

2014 will be my year!

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