Sunday, April 27, 2014

3D Houses in China and 3D Cars in America... Interesting times!

I saw an article on the BBC today.
They are producing 3D houses in China. $5,000 per detached house.

 I took this image from this webpage.

My brother used to teach bricklaying in a local college. He may well have found this technology threatening!

This link also had an article on 3D cars! What a bonus... President Obama makes a brief appearance on the video. Presently he is in Asia (Malaysia as I write) trying to improve trade relations.
I have added the video on an upcoming shared open design competition for a 3D car.

As design software becomes easier to use and production methods easier to execute Car design and industrial design will make huge leaps forward.


When I lived in Detroit, I would often cycle around to the Center for Creative Studies. This is a World renowned institution. I often had a sneek look through the windows!
Here is a video of their car design area. It looks very similar to real Design studio's.
It won't be long before the clay models are 3D produced!


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