Saturday, April 19, 2014

My comment on Dr. M's Proton Blog (Chedet)

Hello Tun,
I see that Proton still creates a lot of debate. Producing cars is a high investment/risk industry. Many countries steer well clear. Others make a commitment. The Malaysian Government has obviously decided to enter the market. Many will think this is a vanity project. As they feel they are directly or indirectly paying for it, they quite understandably feel they have a right to criticise.
That is to be expected.
I have worked in Proton, albeit on behalf of Lotus, I found the people to be welcoming and helpful. Commercially, it is difficult for a small Company to compete in a very global market. Proton has always struggled outside of Malaysia. It is not a Global brand.
How to address that?
Find a partner that can give you the exposure. It would be better yet if R&D costs could be shared. You can do this with Vendors and other OEM’s.
Additionally, as DRB Hicom now have education as one of there ‘Core’ businesses (as does Petronas) perhaps a global educational project that utilises Proton/Lotus hardware on geographically diverse campuses could be a profitable and effective way to promote the brand.
As you may know, I have such a proposal.
Proton has a Motorsport Division, I know Djan and presented with his Dad at ASLI 2010. Lotus and Petronas have Motorsport budgets.
Exploit your intellectual property. Share it in an ethical and commercially sustainable manner. Upgrade your profile locally and internationally. Improve your bottom line.
It makes sense. Do Proton a favour support this proposal. It will be a positive step forward.
Thanks for taking the time to read this.
John Mansfield

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