Thursday, May 8, 2014

Football and Motorsport are businesses, why study at a functioning ground or circuit?

The above video features on my webpage.

UCFB now adverts nationally on SKY sports TV (UK). They obviously have a functioning business with a healthy marketing budget!
My proposal has a parallel philosophy. However, where UCFB concentrate on the business side of things, I feel Motorsport has the opportunity to teach anything from business to law to engineering to sports science to ...

Initially, when I presented the proposal, setting up a campus at a working track, I thought the possibility of being first was a selling point (silly me!).

Now that someone else has started doing it in football, and appear to be succeeding! Perhaps people will see that I am not a complete nutter!

I am not an accountant, however, if you can achieve high numbers of online clients mixed in with you on campus clients I am sure it can work financially.

I don't have figures for a break even point, nor initial funding requirements (sure to be high) however, a long established USA online learning institute (Phoenix) has about 1/2 million students, and has a turnover in the billions. It has on occasion operated on above 10% profit margins. Its clients can afford its fee's because the (USA) government will supply loans for its courses.

I am sure this is the case in many countries. Obviously, this means you have to be a real University based in the country obtaining the student grants.

As campuses are track based at physical locations this in itself requires investment.

However, there are companies out there with Motorsport divisions, producing sports cars who have education as part of their "core" businesses.

They could potentially benefit greatly from this.

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