Friday, September 18, 2009

Air Asia's Fernandes to run Lotus F1 for now...

Autosport have released an article on Lotus F1 boss

Lotus boss plans to step down soon

It appears Tony Fernandes will step down at the beginning of the season...

"My job is AirAsia and I just want to make sure that we [Lotus] have the right direction, the right imaging and the right future, the right strategic plan and marketing."

In a further article in the NZHerald he is quoted as saying...

"Malaysia has put a lot of money into F1, and it has a fantastic hardware - the Sepang track; universities with engineering courses; composite manufacture. But it doesn't have the soft side - drivers, engineers, management. I want to take that and build it up in F1.

I would have to disagree!
Yes Malaysia does have Universities and Engineering courses. Up until now it did not have the Motorsport infrastructure to employ Motorsport type graduates. England is presently the major source of these types of jobs.

It is imperative that MUM is considered in the big picture of Malaysia's involvement in F1. This is a unique opportunity.

Tony later went on to say...He has a simple motto:

"Do it because you love it, or don't be involved." And an equally simple mantra: "Take underdeveloped marketing opportunities, monetise them, and bring back value to the community."

My proposal for MUM Motorsport University Malaysia is now on Slideshare.

This proposal dovetails perfectly with the new developments within Malaysia.

I have embedded it below:

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