Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Alex Yoong approached by Tony Fernandes... LotusF1 may have a new employee

I read on the web that Alex Yoong has been approached by Air Asia boss Tony Fernandes to be part of his F1 team.

First of all I am biased. Alex Yoong spent two days as my guest at a recent ASLI conference on the global Automotive business.
He has given me permission to stick his pic on my webpage, and has openly supported MUM.
This is more support than I received from any member of Group Lotus, past or present.
So 'Yes' I hope Tony uses him. Hopefully, he is not in it for the money. Rather, because he can visualise the 'Big picture'.
Once again, I admit I am biased!
I have embeded my webpage below:

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