Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Why is Lotus a bad name to use?

I have noticed that there is a mixed reaction from people regarding my proposal, and the issue of Malaysia in F1 generally.
The use of the Lotus name is also a point of contention among many.
First a bbc video link.
Here is a letter sent to me from someone well qualified to comment.

Why is it bad to use the Lotus name? There is a proud history to take advantage off, and i think its great that this name is back in Formula One. It will never be Team Lotus now, and the reason for that is because there is no more Team Lotus. People make a team, not a name and all the best people from the Team Lotus days have all left.

But, if Lotus F1 gets started again, then there is a possiblity that those engineers will come back. They are all still there in F1 and if the team is run well and sponsored well, why would they not come back. Ask any engineer worth their salt in F1 and they remember the Lotus brand fondly. As long as the team stays true to the concepts that Colin Chapman put in place, then it will attract quality engineers.

I would have to say that top people in their field are attracted to being on the cutting edge. F1 is the cutting edge.
From an educational aspect, it would wonderful if Motorsport University Malaysia had ties to this industry.

One major drawback in attracting students is the lack of job prospects at the end.
I agree. Even if in the future ten F1 teams set up in the region, there would not be enough jobs to employ the numbers I envisage.
Click here to see my proposal.
However, I do feel that the skills that can be gleaned from Motorsport can be easily transferred.
Management/Engineering/Driving/ Problem solving/ ETHICS! / Sports psychology... The list goes on.

I sincerely hope that Petronas in particular can see this link, and use their Petro dollars to set up an institution that will hopefully outlive it's founders.

I sincerely hope that Tony Fernandes/Dany Bahar/Alex and Tengku Djan sit down with Proton's major shareholder (Petronas) and put their case. When doing so, please mention Motorsport University Malaysia.

There is much more to this than simply a podium finsh for LotusF1. The region should and could benefit!

Once again I have embedded my web page (Slideshare version). Check slide 2
Alternatively click here to see the actual webpage

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