Thursday, October 1, 2009

1malaysiaF1 gets 600,000 applicants for jobs in one day! Incorrect

Please disregard the 600,000 figure quoted it was taken from a 'comment'. Bernama have written an article quoting 6,000

Please read my next entry for more details!

I noticed a comment in the Paul Tan site today.
-Want a job with the lotus F1 team?-
Apparently, a day after the Star newspaper (Malaysia) advertised jobs for the new F1 team they got 600,000 applications.
For all the negative publicity surrounding this project, a lot of people obviously want to participate in it!

Paul put a list of jobs available:

•Aerodynamics – Project Leader Aerodynamics, Junior Aerodynamicist, Head of CFD, CFD Engineer.
•Composites Design – Head of Composite Design, Senior / Junior Composite Designer, Composite Engineer.
•Composite – Head of Composite Layup Shop, Senior / Junior Layup Technician, Head of Composite Trim Shop, Senior / Junior Trim Shop Technician
•Electronics – Head of Electronics, Senior / Junior Electronics Engineer, Senior Control Engineer, Control Software Engineer
•Factory – Factory Manager, Senior / Junior Maintenance
•Gearbox Design – Head of Gearbox Design, Senior / Junior Gearbox Design
•Gearbox Assembly – Head of Gearbox Shop, Race Gearbox Technician
•Hydraulics – Head of Hydraulics Shop, Race Hydraulics Technician, Test Hydraulics Technician
•Mechanical Production – Head of Mechanical Production, Senior / Junior Machinist, Fabricator
•Mechanical Design – Head of Mechanical Design, Senior Mechanical Design Engineer, Senior Mechanical Designer
•Pattern Shop – Head of Pattern Shop, Senior / Junior Pattern Maker
•Production, Production Control and Purchasing – Head of Production, Senior Production Engineer, Mechanical Buyer, Composite Buyer, General Buyer, Aerodynamics Buyer
•Quality Control & Inspection – Head of Inspection, Senior / Junior Inspection Technician
•Design Office – Drawing Office Manager
•R&D – Head of R&D, Senior R&D Engineer, Senior R&D Technician
•Race Engineering – Test Engineer, Race Data Engineer, Test Data Engineer, Aero Support Engineer
•Race & Test – Logistic Manager, Race & Test Travel Secretary, Clothing & Team Gear
•Race Team – Race Chief Mechanic, Race Parts Mechanic
•Stress Analysis – Senior / Junior FEA Engineer
•Sub Assembly – Head of Sub Assembly, Sub Assembly Technician
•Test Team – Test Chief Mechanic, Test Part Mechanic, Test Team Truckie, Test Team Mechanic
•Vehicle Science – Head of Vehicle Dynamics, Vehicle Dynamics Engineer, Senior / Junior Software Engineer
•Marketing & PR – Head of Marketing, Marketing Manager, Tri-lingual Website Designers, Graphic Designers, Executive Assistant, Business Development Manager, Sponsorship Manager, Sponsor Account Manager, Head of PR / Tri-Lingual PR Officer, Press Officer, Hospitality Coordinator
•Finance – Financial Controller, Finance Manager, Finance Executive
•Legal – Head of Legal, Legal Manager, Legal Executive
•HR – Head of HR, HR Manager, HR Executive
•IT – Head of Information Technology, CAD Manager, Senior IT Engineer, Race IT Engineer, Test IT Engineer, IT Technician

Enough said!

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