Friday, October 30, 2009

A new CEO for Lotus F1 a new Motorsport boss for Group Lotus

The last few days have seen group Lotus hire a new Motorsport boss...Claudio Berra...
Additionally, Riad Asmat a former Proton employee has been appointed by Tony Fernandes to his F1 team... as CEO no less!
I do not know Claudio. I assume the new CEO Dany Bahar has worked with him before, and feels comfortable with him in his inner circle.
I am sure he is well qualified and I wish him well.
When Riad Asmat was in the employee of Proton I sent him my proposal and included him on my mailing list.
I don't have his new email!!!
I have copied a portion of the Malaysian Insider report:
Among the familiar faces at today’s press conference were former F1 driver Alex Yoong and Team Malaysia A1 man Owen Leeds who was often seen conversing with Riad.
Alex yoong attended the Sepang announcement. Alex is well aware of my proposal, and as I have previously stated was kind enough to spend a couple of days supporting (and raising my profile) during the ASLI automotive conference in KL.
Tengku Djan, head of Proton Motorsport has never publicly supported me or the proposal. He is however aware of the MUM project, and must have worked closely with Riad during their time together at Proton, and with the A1 Malaysian team.
I hope MUM gets discussed by both Team Lotus and Proton/Group Lotus.
At the end of the day, MUM has the potential to leave a long lasting legacy for the local region, and of equal importance globally!
In my opinion, both Proton and Lotus would benefit immensely from its existence.
For those of you who haven't seen the MUM proposal I have embedded a slideshare below: Google Motorsort University Malaysia

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