Friday, September 4, 2009

New Malaysian F1 (Lotus) Team on the horizon

I am happy to see that Lotus have now announced officially that Lotus have appointed Dany Bahar the new CEO.
I now have found someone who I can show my vision too.
The press is full of rumours that Malaysia intends to form a F1 team. Lotus is 100% Malaysian Government owned. So it will be interesting to see how this pans out.

I am very optimistic that MUM will now get the consideration it deserves!
Malaysia has already got an A1 team, sponsored by Proton, plus Petronas sponsors BMW F1 team (soon to end) MotoGP (Yamaha) among many local teams and events, not least the Malaysian F1 and Shanghai grand prix.

In Alex Yoong they have an experienced F1 and A1 Driver/team owner. Tengku Djan runs Protons Motorsport division, plus he races in D1 and is presently part of the A1 technical team. Both should sit down with Dany and let him get a feel for how they can help him.

The press has concentrated on F1 only. Understandable, in view of the Lotus history.

However, the potential is far greater than just F1.

MUM dovetails in perfectly with these developments.

I'm waiting for the call...

I'm not cheap!...BUT

I am Happy!

This a video of Dani in his Ferrari days...

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