Friday, November 27, 2009

EDP24 interview Dany Bahar CEO Group Lotus

Today EDP24 the local Norfolk newspaper printed a full interview with Dany Bahar, CEO Group Lotus.
Here is a small quote:
Q Taking a step back, what was the appeal of coming here?

A I had the good luck to work for one of the biggest brands in the world and I enjoyed every minute of it. But I'm the sort of person that likes challenges and I was attracted by the opportunity to change a reality and help a company take the next step. The biggest trigger was the brand name, Lotus. I had a safe future at Ferrari, but the Lotus brand attracted me - and if it can attract me, hopefully it can attract hundreds of thousands - maybe millions - of other people. That's the opportunity I see.

I am glad Dany appears to think the same as me!
I am going to embed my Slideshare version of my webpage. Look at the 'Revenue stream' page...(page 5)
I am glad that Dany appreciates that Lotus has its roots in the UK. However, much like Ferrari they are not afraid of global exposure. Ferrari embrace it. I hope lotus does too.

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