Thursday, November 12, 2009

Group Lotus 7 year plan being 'Leaked'. Evora wins EVO award

Today Autocar reports that a new Esprit has been given the go ahead by Group Lotus.
Congatulations on winning the EVO car of the year award for the Evora.
I hope the upcoming Esprit will be in line for the same award in the not too distant future.
It is my hope that Dany puts his new found influence into promoting the Motorsport University Malaysia within both 'group' Lotus and it's sphere of influence.
Dany, obviously wants to raise the Motorsport profile of the company. This would do it. I see synergy, one can only hope the new CEO can also!
Once again I have embedded the slideshare version of the vision!
I look forward to reading Dany's 7 year plan in a few weeks time!

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