Friday, December 11, 2009

"knife goes in your back as you walk out" - Tony Fernandes

Tony Fernabdes has been quoted in the Star (Malaysian newspaper) when referring to his exposure to the F1 community as saying...
“I thought I’d seen it all in the airline and music business. but its another level here,” he smiled. “Everyone shakes your hand and smiles and a knife goes in your back as you walk out.” — Reuters

Toughen up Tony. Get down the gym and broaden those shoulders! (How did this wimp ever get into the 'Auto business?')

For those of you interested I have embedded my slideshare presentation showing the MUM journey so far. Thanks to Tilo for his help with this.
Sofie and Siti deserve a mention for putting up with me whilst I made it!

Happily, I can rely on these guys to watch my back and not stab it!

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