Monday, December 7, 2009

Well done Alex!

Today I read that Alex Yoong has joined LotusF1 as the person in charge of driver development.
Good luck to you Alex!
Alex joined me for two days as my guest at the ASLI automotive seminar. He also agreed to endorse MUM. No fee involved.
It looks like Alex is going to be based in Sepang. LotusF1 have (I believe) educational agreements with UTM and Petronas university. So it looks like they have moved quickly to get some good local talent onboard.

Group Lotus are still in the early stages of making plans for the future. Dany Bahar will announce his plans in the near future.

I really hope that Group Lotus can show the same entreprenuerial spirit that Lotus F1 have shown.

They can't say I haven't bugged them enough... Dany Bahar is the 3rd Group Lotus CEO I have contacted about MUM... Plus I used to work for them in Malaysia, and formally proposed MUM at that time. To give you a timeline, I remember the draw for 2002 World Cup was doing the rounds in the Lotus office!
I certainly hope it is 3rd time lucky with Dany and Claudio.
I any event, I would like to wish Alex and his team all the very best in their venture! Let me know if you want any support from me!

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