Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mark Reuss with his dad

In the last few days GM have announced that Mark Reuss is the new head of GM North America.
I used to work for GM as a contract designer. In the early 1990's Mark worked as an engineer on the Oldsmobile Aurora. I worked on the tube. My GM boss Ron Wojcik, was one of the nicest people I have ever met, as was Gary Gannt(my other GM boss). Mark,then an engineer, was present at many meetings I attended.
Mark's father at that time was a vice president of GM.
Mark went onto run GM's motorsport division. Lotus was no longer part of GM at this point. Mark might be able to get into an Elise, I could not guarantee he would be able to get out!
Recently,he headed 'Holden', the Australian based division of GM.
Here he is talking with his dad about Buick. The way his father is describing Buick, sounds very much like the now defunct Saturn division operated.
The Buick brand is now very big in China. Saturn will soon cease to exist.
Here is the father and son interview.
Good luck to Mark in his new post.

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