Monday, December 21, 2009

Petronas sponsor Mercedes F1 team... Not LotusF1

The news today. Petronas sponsor Mercedes F1. Interesting!
Brawn plus Schumacher = Petronas sponsorship of the Mercedes F1 project. LotusF1 must look elsewhere.

Petronas obviously see the Ross Brawn outfit with Michael Shumacher as a better marketing tool globally than LotusF1 the 'Local Malaysian team'.
I'm sure Tony, Alex and Riad will not view this as a positive.
Petronas have obviously made a business decision, which they are entitled to do. Petronas are Malaysian government owned.
For those who are not aware, Petronas sponsors the Malaysian (SepangF1) GP has input into the Shanghai GP and sponsors Valentino and the Yamaha MotoGP team.
This development does not affect the MUM project.
Petronas have an educational arm. They are not tied to one partner. I have had talks with their educational people, among others. As I have said many times, all the Universities I have approached were keen on Motorsport University Malaysia.
As LotusF1 have been given priority for resources at Sepang, and UTP (Petronas) and UTM (University Technlogy Malaysia) are already partners, they obviously have Petronas involvement of sorts.
UTM have recently signed a preliminary agreement with Proton for Engineering courses... Taken from the Malaysian SUN newspaper.
Speaking after the signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Business Advance Technology Centre and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia last Tuesday, Proton’s managing director Datuk Syed Zainal Abidin said the programme is important to upgrade technical skills of its staff.
I was interested to see Tengku Djan won the recent Drift competition in Malaysia. I hope his brother and friends enjoyed it. I would hope Djan can see the educational benefits of MUM.
I borrowed this pic form Paul Tan
Tengku Djan wins the Malaysian Drift competition

I am talking to my colleagues in Malaysia, and I am contemplating a return in the new year.
It has been close to eight years since I started on the MUM project. Sadly all of it has been spent promoting the project!
Next year, I hope some of the big players see the potential and actually make a commitment!
A slight aside... The UK newspapers are full of Simon Cowells reaction to a Facebook campaign to support a No1 spot for group named Rage against the Machine.
The Internet is a powerful tool!
Once again I have added my journey via slideshare.
A prosperous and healthy new year to you all!

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