Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Name does mean something... Why Lotus?

I hope everyone enjoyed their little holiday. It's freezing and snowy here. Sadly a lot of football matches are being postponed and travelling can be hazardous!
Talking of football... Today I commented on an article on the Crash website.
The article refers to Lotus F1.
The person after me made this comment:
Sorry to disappoint all you doubters, but a name does mean a lot. Take football as an example. 50 years ago a team might be made up of players all born within 10 miles of the ground. Now a Premiership team can be made entirely of overseas players and run by a far-east consortium, yet the fans still believe it's their team.

Chelsea and Man City are foreign (not British) owned or managed. So does the same apply to Formula One?
For some people Yes and for others No.

Certainly, Mercedes F1 are not German based or managed(Ref Ross Brawn)...

Did having Brawn and Scumacher at Ferrari make the team any less 'Ferrari'

Ross and Michael doing their version of the Italian job

Many feel Valentino Rossi should ride for Ducati. Yamaha and Honda before them felt otherwise...

I have written to a few influencial people regarding Motorsport University Malaysia. So lets hope the vision soon becomes reality...

To quote Bob dylan 'The time they are a changing!'

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