Friday, January 15, 2010

Rita Forst to head Opel Engineering... Lotus in Detroit Show

I have just read that Nick Reilly head of GM worldwide, minus North America, has moved Hans Demant over to Intellectual property head under Tom Stephens.
Rita Forst is taking his place in Opel.
During my time in Ruesellsheim, Rita was head of Powertrain.
Rita beside a powertrain

Lotus had a small area in her domain, where they provided support for Opel on the Ecotec engine they helped design when a division of GM.
Rita was at that time the highest level female executive within GM Europe. Nothing has changed in that regard!
Hans Demant was based on the same floor as me. He had just been promoted at that time to head of Engineering.
At the time I was part of the North American team on a joint design project between Opel and Saturn.
Good luck to both of them in their new positions.
While I'm at it, good luck to all the Reusselsheim people. I enjoyed my time there.
Once again I will mention the ASLI auotomotive conference. I have contacted possible speakers on their behalf.
Talking of which, I see on the Lotus enthusiasts site, that Dany Bahar is in Detroit promoting Lotus at the Auto Show. Dany for those of you who don't know is the CEO of Group Lotus.
Lotus/Morgan stand at the Detroit Auto Show

The ASLI conference will coincide with the 2010 Kuala Lumpur Motor show. 3-12 December 2010
I have been approached to participate. It is presently my intention to use my slideshare presentation as a basis for discussion.
As I stated in my previous post, I have upped the virtual student count in my webpage to reflect those proposed by Limkokwing of ONE MILLION VIRTUAL students.
Limkokwing is one of the most successful private Universities in Malaysia, and as such is serving as my benchmark in this regard.

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