Thursday, January 21, 2010

Limkokwing sign MOU with Maxis. Proton sign with Petronas

I see today that Limkokwing University has signed an MOU with Maxis, a major player in the Mobile communications industry.
Here is a quote from the Edge article:
Under the MoU, Maxis will provide LUCT students and lecturers with Apple iPhone 3Gs bundled with special prepaid and postpaid plans to facilitate learning on the go.

"With the growth in uptake of advanced mobile devices and data services — the way we change and connect is being rapidly transformed.

This video is one of CNBC's it deals with 'Apps'. I feel sure, it has many educational possibilities...

I have used Limkokwing as my benchmark for the ONE MILLION virtual students figure I have quoted on my website below.
See page 5 on the slideshare presentation.

I have previously mentioned that I am invited to participate at the ASLI Automotive conference (Asian Strategic Leadership Institute)planned to coincide with Kuala Lumpurs Auto Show.3-12 December 2010
Auto Show to conicide with ASLI auto conference

Last year Alex Yoong was my guest. I am hoping that this year that some Lotus high flyers will make an appearance. Motorsport is a specialised aspect of the complete Automotive industry however, given the new Group CEO at Lotus and the newly formed LotusF1 I think Malaysia would enjoy hearing from the new kids on the block!

This week Proton, owners of Group Lotus met with Petronas, Sponsors of Mercedes F1 and Yamaha MotoGP to sign an MOU for lubricant useage.Petronas are major shareholders in Proton and by default Group Lotus.
The videos below show the event.
Several people in the videos have received copies of my Slideshare/webpage presentations.

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