Friday, May 25, 2012

Syed Zainal resigns, Dany Bahar suspended

Today, a number of media outlets say that Proton MD Dato Syed Zainal has resigned from Proton and Dany Bahar has been suspended by DRB-Hicom.

I have been in contact with both about my MUM proposal.
No real interest shown.
I moderated in ASLI Automotive conference in 2010. I shared a stage with Syed Zainal.
He was very polite and a very good speaker. I wish him well.

I moderated session 3.
The German eco warrior Mr Matthias Gelber was very entertaining.

I met the Proton Advisor, and had my photo taken.
I assume DRB-Hicom are going to be more hands on.
Naturally, I have sent a presentation to the DRB-Hicom MD plus others.
See what happens.
I have received very good feedback on my Charity book. It is now available in print.
Please buy it!

Leave a comment or go to Amazon, buy the book and write a review.

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