Sunday, May 6, 2012

Letter to Skiddmark

The Skiddmark writer Steve Davies is visiting Group Lotus this week.
He has asked people to send him questions.
I sent him this letter:

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Message Sent

Name: John Mansfield

Message: Attention Steve Davies regarding Whatever happened to the truth..? article.

Steve, I sent a reply

in the comments portion. I am not sure if you got it.

I worked for Group Lotus in Malaysia. Whilst there

I made a proposal for a new training unit.

This involved Lotus working with Universities, UK and local.

They would hold classes at a circuit (Sepang... now Johor) and other circuits/race tracks.

I have presented at ASLI (Asian Strategic Leadership Institute) and contacted

several Lotus CEO's plus others

. Recently, I contacted UKti and shared the same presentation with the DRB-Hicom MD.

I notice that the Business and Innovation dept and someone in the

Houses of Parliament have been following my blog.

Vince Cable recently visited Group Lotus and spoke to the DRB-Hicom MD.

Did they discuss the synergy between UK education suppliers,

ICAM the DRB-Hicom University and Lotus? This proposal does not involve

putting 4 wheels and a drive train on a car

and is therefore a little bit out of the box.

However, I feel that being involved in a private education proposal

as a tier one supplier of Knowledge and hardware is not too out there.

There is no reason it can not be profitable.

And just to keep the marketing people happy, they could print tee shirts.

Students globally would be introduced to the brand etc.

Thanks for listening to me.

Please ask about this when your in Lotus next week.

John Mansfield

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