Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Why is Lotus a bad name to use?

I have noticed that there is a mixed reaction from people regarding my proposal, and the issue of Malaysia in F1 generally.
The use of the Lotus name is also a point of contention among many.
First a bbc video link.
Here is a letter sent to me from someone well qualified to comment.

Why is it bad to use the Lotus name? There is a proud history to take advantage off, and i think its great that this name is back in Formula One. It will never be Team Lotus now, and the reason for that is because there is no more Team Lotus. People make a team, not a name and all the best people from the Team Lotus days have all left.

But, if Lotus F1 gets started again, then there is a possiblity that those engineers will come back. They are all still there in F1 and if the team is run well and sponsored well, why would they not come back. Ask any engineer worth their salt in F1 and they remember the Lotus brand fondly. As long as the team stays true to the concepts that Colin Chapman put in place, then it will attract quality engineers.

I would have to say that top people in their field are attracted to being on the cutting edge. F1 is the cutting edge.
From an educational aspect, it would wonderful if Motorsport University Malaysia had ties to this industry.

One major drawback in attracting students is the lack of job prospects at the end.
I agree. Even if in the future ten F1 teams set up in the region, there would not be enough jobs to employ the numbers I envisage.
Click here to see my proposal.
However, I do feel that the skills that can be gleaned from Motorsport can be easily transferred.
Management/Engineering/Driving/ Problem solving/ ETHICS! / Sports psychology... The list goes on.

I sincerely hope that Petronas in particular can see this link, and use their Petro dollars to set up an institution that will hopefully outlive it's founders.

I sincerely hope that Tony Fernandes/Dany Bahar/Alex and Tengku Djan sit down with Proton's major shareholder (Petronas) and put their case. When doing so, please mention Motorsport University Malaysia.

There is much more to this than simply a podium finsh for LotusF1. The region should and could benefit!

Once again I have embedded my web page (Slideshare version). Check slide 2
Alternatively click here to see the actual webpage

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Alex Yoong approached by Tony Fernandes... LotusF1 may have a new employee

I read on the web that Alex Yoong has been approached by Air Asia boss Tony Fernandes to be part of his F1 team.

First of all I am biased. Alex Yoong spent two days as my guest at a recent ASLI conference on the global Automotive business.
He has given me permission to stick his pic on my webpage, and has openly supported MUM.
This is more support than I received from any member of Group Lotus, past or present.
So 'Yes' I hope Tony uses him. Hopefully, he is not in it for the money. Rather, because he can visualise the 'Big picture'.
Once again, I admit I am biased!
I have embeded my webpage below:

Monday, September 21, 2009

Contacted CEO Lotus F1

My blog and website are in the public domain. My website has a video which is password protected.
I have given the password to Tony Fernandes organisation.
As I have stated previously, this project will compiment the new F1 initiative perfectly.

Here is a video of Tony explaining his reasoning behind his F1 involvement.

It is my hope that Tony will view my proposal. If he does, I feel he will see the potential immediately. I need
Active Support from

Many thanks to all those who have helped me thus far...

Friday, September 18, 2009

Air Asia's Fernandes to run Lotus F1 for now...

Autosport have released an article on Lotus F1 boss

Lotus boss plans to step down soon

It appears Tony Fernandes will step down at the beginning of the season...

"My job is AirAsia and I just want to make sure that we [Lotus] have the right direction, the right imaging and the right future, the right strategic plan and marketing."

In a further article in the NZHerald he is quoted as saying...

"Malaysia has put a lot of money into F1, and it has a fantastic hardware - the Sepang track; universities with engineering courses; composite manufacture. But it doesn't have the soft side - drivers, engineers, management. I want to take that and build it up in F1.

I would have to disagree!
Yes Malaysia does have Universities and Engineering courses. Up until now it did not have the Motorsport infrastructure to employ Motorsport type graduates. England is presently the major source of these types of jobs.

It is imperative that MUM is considered in the big picture of Malaysia's involvement in F1. This is a unique opportunity.

Tony later went on to say...He has a simple motto:

"Do it because you love it, or don't be involved." And an equally simple mantra: "Take underdeveloped marketing opportunities, monetise them, and bring back value to the community."

My proposal for MUM Motorsport University Malaysia is now on Slideshare.

This proposal dovetails perfectly with the new developments within Malaysia.

I have embedded it below:

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Litespeed buy Team Lotus... Malaysia buys litespeed...SepangF1 to be their home

Today it is reported in many media outlets that the Malaysian government along with Naza and Air Asia plus others now own Team Lotus. They will compete in F1 next year. They will be based in Sepang F1Litespeed to use Lotus name for F1 bid
By Matt Beer Sunday, June 7th 2009, 03:12 GMT
Litespeed has announced that it will use the historic Lotus name for its attempt to enter Formula 1 next season.
Lotus F1 will initially be set up in the RTN centre at Hingham (Norfolk, England), a 50,000 square foot facility most recently used by Bentley for its Le Mans programme.

I am assuming that the (Litespeed) Lotus team is being paid to move to SepangF1 circuit.

It will be the first F1 team based in Malaysia.
The long term view, in my opinion, will be to swap out Litespeed members and replace them with local Team Lotus members.
Malaysian car manufacture Proton Chairman Nadzmi Salleh shows an F1 racing car model during a press conference at Putrajaya , Malaysia, Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2009.

The following is copied from an associated press article:
Click here to access article
Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak held a news conference Tuesday to outline details of what was called the 1Malaysia F1 team.

"The 1Malaysia F1 team is a government and private sector initiative combining the collaborative experience of Proton and Lotus, coupled with world class expertise," a Malaysian government statement said ahead of the news conference.

Prime Minister Najib Razak said the team would integrate Malaysian technical and pit crew, with the future design, research and development, manufacturing and testing conducted near the Malaysian capital. The driving lineup is set to be announced by Oct. 31 from a short list of six candidates.

Najib declined to give investment costs or other details, but said the future design and testing would be conducted in Malaysia.

He said the venture would be a big boost to local automaker Proton, a government-owned company which has suffered in recent years because of increased competition from foreign car makers after the liberalization of the auto market.

"If we want to export Proton we need to establish our brand name so that it is accepted globally," Najib said. "We are determined to do our best to make our mark in this arena."

The investors in the venture are Proton, budget airline AirAsia and Naza Motors, a local auto group.

Najib said the creation of the team is a "natural progression" since Malaysia has hosted a leg of the F1 race since 1999 and national oil company Petronas has been a sponsor of BMW Sauber team for the last four years.

Traditional Lotus supporters will be a little sad that the brand considered as British as bacon and eggs are now firmly based in Malaysia.
F1 will soon see the Lotus brand again. However nasi lemak is probably more appropriate than bacon and eggs!

This development does compliment my MUM project. In earlier times I have tried to set up in SepangF1 when I was based in Malaysia.

A quote from Tony Fernanades:

"It will help brand Malaysia and spur excellence in sports and education," he told AFP.

I have embeded my slideshare presentation. It was initially based around SepangF1.
Click here to get my latest proposal based in Johor.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Daily Mail (UK) confirms Lotus entry into F1

One of Britain's fabled motor racing names Lotus to return to Formula One for 2010 season >
This is the heading in todays Daily Mail (UK)
As previously mentioned this fits in well with the MUM proposal.
Local Malaysian politicians seem to think the government will make an announcement after the Singapore GP.
Alex Yoong should be working for ESPN in Asia that weekend. As Alex has been kind enough to visibly support MUM I would love to hear his appraisal of the latest developments.
I'm in the UK right now, so I'll be listening to Eddie Jordan and the BBC team.
I sincerely hope some of the young guns, particularly, Alex and Tengku Djan lend their support to the MUM proposal if asked. They are both in ideal positions to be a positive influence.

I've put my old Bernama TV interview here for those of you who have not seen it...

Friday, September 4, 2009

New Malaysian F1 (Lotus) Team on the horizon

I am happy to see that Lotus have now announced officially that Lotus have appointed Dany Bahar the new CEO.
I now have found someone who I can show my vision too.
The press is full of rumours that Malaysia intends to form a F1 team. Lotus is 100% Malaysian Government owned. So it will be interesting to see how this pans out.

I am very optimistic that MUM will now get the consideration it deserves!
Malaysia has already got an A1 team, sponsored by Proton, plus Petronas sponsors BMW F1 team (soon to end) MotoGP (Yamaha) among many local teams and events, not least the Malaysian F1 and Shanghai grand prix.

In Alex Yoong they have an experienced F1 and A1 Driver/team owner. Tengku Djan runs Protons Motorsport division, plus he races in D1 and is presently part of the A1 technical team. Both should sit down with Dany and let him get a feel for how they can help him.

The press has concentrated on F1 only. Understandable, in view of the Lotus history.

However, the potential is far greater than just F1.

MUM dovetails in perfectly with these developments.

I'm waiting for the call...

I'm not cheap!...BUT

I am Happy!

This a video of Dani in his Ferrari days...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dany Bahar to become new lotus CEO... Autosport

Dany Bahar

Today Autosport wrote an article Stating:

Dany Bahar, the man in charge of Ferrari's Global Brand Department, has left the team and is taking up a senior position within Lotus.

It goes on to say...

AUTOSPORT understands that he is to become the CEO of Lotus.

I need Dany to see my proposal!!!
This man has been involved with both RED BULL and Ferrari.
Hopefully, he can embrace change and new ideas!!