Thursday, March 25, 2010

A negative response from Lotus.Good luck to the new management.

I have always viewed this project with a view to using Proton/Lotus as an integral partner. Today, I received official confirmation.
This project is not on their roadmap.
Previously, I have heard a similar thing from SepangF1 management.
I still believe in the validity of the proposal. I am sure that the Sepang Centre of Excellence proposed by LotusF1 will be a success.
I am equally sure that the Iskandar region will see a Motorsport University.
Oh well, back to the drawing board!
I receive a lot of traffic from Singapore. Perhaps I have been barking up the wrong tree.
In any event I would like to wish Group Lotus and it's new management team all the best in the future. While I'm at it Good luck to Lotus F1 in Melbourne this weekend.

  A good friend sent me this on St Patricks Day

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