Monday, March 8, 2010

Any titled gentry out there... Speak up please!

I've settled back into KL. Getting into a routine. I have sent out an email to potential interested parties.
No replies.
Whilst I obviously think this is a worthwhile project, It has been many years since I first proposed this. I have never seen any likelyhood of group Lotus being in the slightest bit interested. Initially when I first came up with this concept I was in the employ of Lotus, and was tasked with drawing up a five year plan...

Obviously, in Hethel they have gone ahead, and have support from the local government, and UK royalty!
23rd February 2010

Duke of York visiting LotusF1 after speaking at the Hethel engineering centre

The Duke of York, Special Representative for International Trade and Investment, this afternoon visited Hethel Engineering Centre, Chapman Way, Hethel, near Norwich, Norfolk. His Royal Highness, Special Representative for International Trade and Investment, afterwards visited Lotus Racing, Racing Technology Norfolk, Ironside Way, Hingham, and was received by Her Majesty's Lord-Lieutenant of Norfolk (Mr. Richard Jewson).

I can only think that when Lotus ask the guys on the ground in Malaysia,(the ex pats) they show no interest in actively supporting this proposal. I have received little feedback from Lotus. Mike Kimberley spoke to me once when he was CEO. It was negative. He was very forthright in his views. It was obvious he had taken the time to consult with many of his team, and others! I was grateful he at least took the time to call.

I am in contact with the new group Lotus CEO and some of his management team. So far I have not received any feedback, other than a request to clarify how Lotus would be expected to contribute/participate in this project. I expect that the new management will seek advice on me and the project. So I assume that the same people who advised Mike Kimberley will once again get the opportunity to air their opinions.

I sincerely hope they ignore them.

 Perhaps Proton, the owner of Lotus might want to look closely at this. They might view this more as an extension of their globalisation plan, as opposed to some kind of a threat to the britishness of Lotus.
Oh well the weathers nice. Eventually the penny will drop...  In the meantime I'll carry on promoting the project.
Any titled gentry out there who would like to support this... speak up please!

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