Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Riad Asmat interview. CEO Lotus F1

In view of my last posting, where I mention my negative relationship with my fellow Group Lotus ex pats. Here is a partial from a recent interview with the CEO of lotus F1 Riad Asmat now based in SepangF1 Circuit.
This article is taken from Joe Saward's Grand Prix Blog
Riad CEO Lotus F1

The operational base is currently in the UK with technical partners across Europe, how is the workload split between Europe and Malaysia?

“The majority of technical work is currently being undertaken at our factory in Hingham in the UK but we have a long-term plan also to establish a technical centre of excellence at the Sepang circuit in Malaysia. In the short-term, because we are still very new to Formula 1, we are working with trusted technical partners in Germany and Italy who are providing great support, while we also have partnerships with two Malaysian universities and specialist technical centres.

I would have to say that in setting up a Centre of excellence in Sepang. LotusF1 are utilising a very similar template to the one proposed by me. I am pretty sure the Malaysian universities are UTM and Petronas.

So this template gets Riad the CEO job for Lotus F1. I would therefore say that this would at least indicate that Lotus F1 think that the proposal is worth exploring, even if "the boys" on the ground at Group Lotus do not.

Good luck to Riad, Alex and all those with the vision to explore the many possibilities out there.

I'm glad the organisation that you serve appreciates your efforts.

I have embedded my old presentation. Thanks to my buddy Tilo for the graphic assistance on this presentation.

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