Thursday, October 25, 2012

Book sales, Germany and Malaysia, Linkedin, 2013 NAP

I have a charity book which is printed by Createspace and is available on Kindle.
All money goes to charity Rokpa.
It is free to download on the 1st of the month.
To read the story behind the story go to:

I have a friend, Jimmy and his wife Mila, coming over from Malaysia over Christmas, and after Christmas I will pop over to Germany for wedding celebration in Leipzig, for Tilo and Curtney.

So, should I get this project off the ground, I'll need to fly back to Europe end of December.

I'm getting a few people I haven't heard from for a while trying to connect via Linkedin. They have hundreds of connections, so I don't think they partcularly want to connect with me!

Its a useful tool for seeing where people are working.

I contacted the Malaysian Institute Automotive regard their upcoming National Auto Policy.
They were polite and encouraged me to give them as much info about my thoughts and project as possible.

As always I am optimistic and patient!

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