Friday, October 26, 2012

West Wing Workers weekly.

Fords announced it is closing down its Southampton Plant. The Ford Transit will be produces in another plant, in another country I assume.
I worked in Trafford House for Fords Truck Division.
Sadly, Fords sold off its Truck division, and Transit design was done in Dunton Tech Centre, Essex.

It was a fun time in Trafford House. The Detail area produced a magazine.
Dickie Clark produced most of the art work. It was very funny and topical.
I generally appeared in most editions. The articles were generally very well received..
I can laugh at myself. Management turned a blind eye. They enjoyed it as much as the so called WORKERS.
Happy days. I wish I had some of the issues as I'd love to share them online.
Someone, somewhere has some. Hopefully, they can be uploaded one day.

Fords were a good company to work for. Happy days

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