Thursday, October 18, 2012

Endorsements... are they worth anything?

I am not a big Facebook or Linkedin user. Maybe I should be...
Recently I received some unsolicited but positive endorsements on Linkedin.
The people who did this are all friends with Linda. My astrologer friend. I kind of worked with Linda on her astrology show as a guest.
You can call into Linda's show on Thursday's

My buddy Tilo made an audio file of the interview.
If you listen to the file, it is obvious that Linda and me are pals.
She endorsed my Linkedin page. She highlighted my project management skills.

I have to say, the fact that she liked me, probably coloured that endorsement. Linda hasn't actually worked with me professionally.

All the same it was nice of her to do it.

Yesterday, I wrote about the Cambodian car project. I have worked with the CEO. We are not friends.Probably never will be.

An endorsement from this person would be negative.

That would not worry me. I would carry that as a badge of honour.

The thing is... If all endosements on Linkedin are going to be friends slapping friends on the back how much worth will they have?

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  1. Very valid point, John. I suppose to gauge the validity of anyone's "review"/endorsement, you need to see it in context. If the person searching does not do their due diligence to find the details of that context, it serves them right to find themselves in the position of basing significant business decisions on biased impressions.