Monday, February 8, 2010

Burnley Football club to open first Football University

Burnley Football club have announced plans to open the first Football University.
HRH the Prince of Wales visited Turf Moor on Friday the 5th of February 2010, and gave his royal approval to the plans!
I'm glad that Burnley appear to have some creative thinkers in their management team.
You can view some photo's here, and read the official Burnley football club article.

The project is being undertaken by StadiArena headed up by Paul Fletcher- MBE
Paul Fletcher MBE Founder and Managing Partner StadiArena

Paul is quoted as saying in the official Burnley football club article:
"If you dare to dream, dream big and this is not just about Burnley football club, this is about the whole town of Burnley and potentially leaving a massive legacy brought on by the promotion to the Premier league."

Paul sounds like a smart bloke to me! He goes on to say:

"We want to open a football university — the first ever in this country. There are plenty of places where you can study football itself but nowhere where you can learn about the financial, commercial and social aspects of the game, from advertising and pitch technology to the business side.

Has this guy been reading my blog?? Then he said...

"It is almost impossible to make money from a football stadium as you're only using it once a fortnight, a Stadi-Arena gives you the opportunity to use a stand every night of the week.

The Motorsport University project remains a proposal.
I've attached my slideshare version of the Motorsport University Malaysia web page:

I may add this latest development to my webpage in the future. I would certainly appreciate it if someone with a little authority would help me champion this. Sadly, I don't appear to be getting my vision across as well as I would like!

I would like to mention that Lotus partner an educational institution on their Hethel site. It was set up by an ex Lotus executive David Taitt.
It is called the Hethel Engineering Centre
David Taitt ex Director of Lotus Engineering

I would hope that Group Lotus could draw on some of their expertise in this field when considering my proposal.

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