Thursday, February 18, 2010

Johor Circuit Singaporeans and FederationD

Yesterday, I wrote to LHT:) on the FederationD website. FederationD is a website for 'Drifters'. These are not vagrants necessarily, rather people interested in driving cars sideways around circuits!
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They are hoping to build a track, possibly in Johor for this purpose!
As you know, I have proposed using the Johor track for my Motorsport University. Up until now I haven't approached the circuit per se. When I approached the SepangF1 circuit initially, I was in the employ of Group Lotus. Whilst the circuit was very interested at that time, Group Lotus management weren't very supportive!
I see no reason to go through the whole process again, only to find that various key people sit on their hands, frightened of making a decision (Which amounts to making a decision!).
I have found a Singaporean magazine 'Torque' that has spoken to the circuit. They are encouraging Singaporeans to buy the circuit.

Singaporeans are very entrepeneurial. I'm sure they could make a success of it.

The Torque article says they spoke to the circuit management. I quote from the article here:

It was after a visit to the J Circuit last month that I suddenly had a brainwave.

Instead of waiting for the arrival of the Changi Motorsports Hub (CMH), someone or 'someones' should buy over the circuit and thoroughly renovate it.

I spoke to the circuit manager and he said that "it's going to cost about RM$2 million" to make it almost 'new'.

For all of you forex newbies, that's slightly more than 800,000 Singapore dollars. That's all?

This is 0.4% of the estimated cost to build the CMH i.e. the CMH costs 250 times more.

There is NO way that the CMH is going to be 250 times or for that matter, 25 times, better than a newly-refurbished J Circuit.

As I am proposing adding a University the 250 times figure might only be 100 times! And Johor circuit would compare very favourably with Changi (Maybe not 25 times better!)

For those interested. Here is my early slideshare presentation.

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