Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tony Fernanades leaves more questions than answers!

Today I read the autocar article on the web.
Lotus F1 to stay in Norfolk
It would appear that most of the design work is done by 'Toyota' in Cologne.
Toyota having been the employer of present Litespeed/Lotus director.
The design will for the moment remain in Europe. It will not in the near future move to Malaysia.
I quote from the autocar article here:
Although the team is based at Hingham, much of the design of Lotus’s T127 has been undertaken in Cologne, Germany. Many of Lotus’s staff have been appointed from Toyota, which closed down its F1 operation late last year.
I then read another aricle in crash.net entitled Lotus F3 unlikely
Tony went on to talk about his training plans...
Similarly, when I looked at [taking over] West Ham [football club], the thing I liked about them most was the academy, so we are putting a lot of effort into the development side of the team."

This led me to leave a comment on the crash site...
It is interesting to see that Tony is not moving the project to Malaysia in the near future.
Most of the design is done in Cologne by the 'Toyota' team. What are they doing in Norfolk? Is it a corporate headquarters, whilst Cologne is the technical centre?
Where does Tony intend to set up his training centre? Cologne? Norfolk? Malaysia?
John Mansfield Motorsport University Malaysia strategist

I thought I'd stick my TV interview on today...

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