Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'm off to Malaysia on Wednesday. Maybe I'll bump into Tun!

I'm flying to Malaysia on Wednesday with Air Asia. Yesterday Tun Mahathir officially opened the Lotus F1 corporate HQ.
I gave Sufi his PA a hardcopy of my Slideshare presentation, and he has been made aware of my project. He has not however corresponded with me!
I'm sure he must have flown Air Asia, maybe I'll bump into him in Stansted Airport...
Tun does the honours

For those of you who don't know Tun is the ex PM of Malaysia.

I have a gut feeling that the time is right for this project to take off.

Group Lotus are showing off their green credentials in Geneva.

Hybrid drivetrain designed and developed by Lotus Engineering

I pinched the photo from Paultan.org

The last time I went to the Geneva Motor show it was to meet former Group Lotus CEO Mike Kimberley. He was called away to a meeting with Proton. I did meet some of his team and gave them my presentation.

Later on I did get to speak to Mike on the phone. He is an interesting person.

I am presently annoying the new Group Lotus CEO and his Motorsport manager. (Among others!)

I would love it if Tun Mahathir would use his role as Proton/Petronas adviser to promote the project.

This is the hardcopy I gave to Sufi for Tun.

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