Friday, February 5, 2010

Petronas contributes 45% of Malaysian Government revenue and has new CEO

Just to carry on with the Petronas influenced blogs of late. Petronas has a new CEO as of 10 February 2010.

Datuk Shamsul Azhar Abbas- New Petronas CEO (pic borrowed from the Star)

I found the Star article interesting for two reasons.

Datuk Shamsul has not received an email from me giving him an overview of Motorsport University Malaysia.

It would be really nice if he reviewed one of my slideshare presentations!
This is a slideshare version of my webpage. On the webpage the video is password protected. Should Datuk Shamsul require it, I would be happy to help him!

Secondly, the Star article states:
It (Petronas) contributes 45% of government revenue. Last year, Petronas reported RM52.5bil in profit on revenue of RM264.2bil, making it Malaysia’s most profitable company.

“And it is something of an irony that Petronas’ international debt ratings are slightly higher than the Malaysian sovereign,’’ the report said.

No wonder Alex Yoong of LotusF1 was so upset when Petronas decided that MercedesGP would get their F1 sponsorship budget!

Motorsport University Malaysia in my view represents a project that has long term sustainability, and would be happy to partner both teams,plus others in research, development, driver training... It ticks all the boxes, and should the long term goal of ONE MILLION virtual students be attained should and could rank in the same league as any International acclaimed University.
Datuk Shamsul has the opportunity to make his mark upon Petronas almost immediately! Datuk, please check out the Motorsport University Malaysia proposal!
Should you wish to donate the 150 FP1 motorbikes sitting in Basildon,Essex I'm sure they would be very welcome as part of your Motorsport University Malaysia funding package... A win win for everyone!
When you think of Oxford do you think Morris Minor or University?

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