Thursday, February 25, 2010

Duke of York visits Hethel Engineering centre and Lotus F1

I have arrived in KL. Already my buddy and sometimes co conspirator Herry has told me to get some figures together in order to promote my project.

Talking of which... Arsenal football club are selling a business case book through their educational partner the London Metropolitan business school. Financially, Arsenal are always held up as being fiscally responsible.
Arsenal educational material

Maybe Tony Fernandes will let students share his business plan for West Ham, and make comparisons with LotusF1 and AirAsia... I diversify!

Herry and Tilo have an ongoing  project, I participate in from time to time. They have assisted me in my graphic presentations plus my password protected webpage video.

Whilst I have been adding to Air Asia's bottom line the Duke of York visited the Hethel Engineering centre. Group Lotus donated the land for this from their own campus and are partners in the project.
Whilst in the area the Duke also popped in to see the Lotus F1 team in Hingham.
The Duke of York with Tony Fernandes

I borrowed the pic from the EDP24
Maybe the Duke could suggest a working relationship between LotusF1 and the Hethel Engineering Centre.
Group lotus already partner the hethel Engineering Centre...
This is a quote from EDP24 article on the centre proposed expansion:

Construction work is under way on a £2.4m extension to the engineering centre at Hethel to make space for 11 new start-up businesses.

The centre has helped establish a series of new companies - particularly in advanced and low carbon manufacturing - since it first opened in 2006.

The article goes on to say...

Ann Steward, portfolio holder for economic development at Norfolk County Council - which helped fund the creation of Hethel in 2006 with Eeda and South Norfolk Council - added: "Since we opened it four years ago, Hethel has really made a name for itself as one of the best centres in the country for supporting innovation in engineering and manufacturing.

Well I'm happy that Tony Fernandes has had the Duke of York and Dr Mahathir visiting in the last couple of days.
Maybe Dr Mahathir popped into the Hethel Engineering Centre too...
Banner of Hethel Engineering Centre partners

I think that Proton/Lotus donating land too, and partnering an educational centre in Norfolk is laudable.
Obviously, the Duke of York thinks so too!
I can see why Proton and Lotus got involved in this. I suppose signing the land over didn't cost anything. The local government were supportive.

Proton don't own the circuit in Johor. The Iskandar region, whilst encouraging investment in the region are probably waiting for investors to approach them.

It would be interesting to know what kind of a deal Lotus/Proton and their major shareholder Petronas could get on the Johor circuit?

The Motorsport University Malaysia banner could then read:

Proton: Group Lotus: Petronas: Iskandar Development Region: Cranfield University: UTM : LotusF1: Mercedes-GP Petronas Formula one team : AirAsia : itunes student hostels : Backpacking Asia (Foreign students will want to explore) : Maxis : BBC Open University: Bernama TV :

Just a thought

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